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Local Conservatives Launch Website to Unite Conservatives Behind Conservative Candidates. Conservative Primary seeks to unite "RINO hunters" under one flag.

SEATTLE, WA – March 15, 2018 - A local entrepreneur is launching a new website called Conservative Primary in an attempt to consolidate the votes of "true conservatives" to defeat Republican incumbents with more moderate voting records. For $10, website members will be able to cast a single vote in a "pre-primary" poll, and subsequently agree to vote for the candidate who wins, even if the candidate wasn't their first choice.

Conservative Primary is the brain-child of Seattle resident and self-proclaimed "RINO hunter," Mark Lewis. Lewis explained that he was tired of seeing moderate Republicans beat real conservatives in primaries because the vote was being diluted among multiple conservative candidates.

"You have a situation where a RINO with a terrible voting record is up for re-election, and he's being challenged by two or three conservatives who care about traditional American values." said Lewis. "The RINO ends up winning the Republican primary, but if you count all of the votes for other more conservative candidates collectively, the RINO would be looking for a new job."

Lewis said that Conservative Primary was designed to unite conservatives behind a single candidate before the primary, maximizing their chance to defeat the incumbent. He added that up to 50% of the membership fee would go toward promoting and advertising the results of each pre-primary poll, further promoting "conservative principles" valued by website members.

Lewis has high hopes for his website's launch, and he's hopeful that fellow conservatives understand the power of organizing their votes.

"RINOs have become a blight within the Republican party, but real conservatives have the power to remove them from office once and for all." he said. "I hope that conservatives all across the country realize how powerful Conservative Primary can be if we all join forces to achieve our common goal."

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