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Two Conservative Candidates Set to Challenge Michael Turner in Ohio10th Congressional District Primary. Turner's House Voting Record Shows Lack of Conservatism.

SEATTLE, WA – March 21, 2018 – A new online conservative polling service,, aims to help voters of the Ohio 10th Congressional District elect a strong conservative to the US House of Representatives.

PRE-PRIMARY POLL open now through April 23.

What conservative voters can do:

Conservative Primary deems the incumbent Republican Representative Michael Turner weakly conservative to liberal.

Notable Conservative Scoring for Michael Turner:

For $10, conservative voters can join Conservative Primary to vote for a better conservative candidate in a pre-primary poll. Members should then vote for the winner of CP's poll in Ohio 10's Primary.

We recognize the power of uniting behind a single challenger to the incumbent, and hope to guide voters in placing strong conservative legislators in seats where the Republican incumbents have reneged on their promises to the constituency.

Conservative Challengers in Ohio's 10th Congressional District:

John Anderson

John Mitchel

Candidate Overviews

John Anderson:

John Mitchel:

Help to unite conservatives behind a single candidate. Elect a more conservative vote in the US House of Representatives.

About Conservative Primary

Seattle-based entrepreneur and "RINO Hunter" Mark Lewis launched Conservative Primary in early 2018 with the goal of defeating Republican incumbents with voting records that don't match the views of their constituency. For $10, voters can make a difference by casting a vote in a pre-primary poll for one of the True Conservative Candidates in their district.

Whereas incumbents have previously won because support was divided among several challengers, members of Conservative Primary can confidently vote for the winner of the pre-primary poll in the upcoming primary, thereby ensuring that votes against the incumbent aren't diluted. This is how to make conservative votes count.