How Does It Work?

How can true conservatives consolidate our voting power to ensure that RINOs with poor voting records are soundly defeated by candidates that share our conservative values?

This was the question that we sought to answer when we designed the Conservative Primary website. To accomplish this goal, we first set criteria for identifying districts where success was possible, and then outlined a path to achieve these desired results. The end result was a streamlined formula that maximizes the potential of our collective conservative resources.

Here is a breakdown of the Conservative Primary formula:

By consolidating the conservative vote in this way, one of the real conservative candidate gets the votes needed to oust the RINO incumbent. This is why we call it "RINO hunting." Up to half of the membership fees then go to publicizing the results of each Conservative Primary poll, further promoting our cause and maximizing the value of your small investment.

Our ultimate goal is to use this polling power to help you identify real conservatives all over the country. By organizing and uniting toward our common cause, we have the power to usher in a New Age of American Conservatism.