Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers

Q. Is my membership or donation to Conservative Primary tax deductible?

A. No. Conservative Primary is not a 501c3 organization, so membership fees and donations are not tax deductible.

Q. Is Conservative Primary considered a Political Action Committee ("PAC")?

A. No. We are not a PAC. We are a LLC business.

Q. How are membership and donation funds used?

A. Fifty percent of all membership funds are used to advertise the winners of each pre-primary. This provides the candidate with a double advantage – Conservative Primary members rally around the chosen candidate, while membership funds are spent on advertising that increases their exposure to non-members. The other half of membership fees goes back to Conservative Primary so that we can expand our focus and scope.

Donations are spent on advertising for upcoming primaries and other important expenses (lawyers, fees, etc). Membership fees and donations will not be forwarded or contributed to candidates.

Q. Why do you charge a membership fee to vote or view polls?

A. Membership fees are spent on advertising the pre-primary winner and to keep this website functional. They also ensures that pre-primary elections are honest, as the payment process verifies each member's address and voting district. In other words, it prevents the process from being "gamed" by RINOs and other unscrupulous entities.

Q. After a candidate wins a Conservative Primary poll, what happens next?

A. Two things will happen. First, Conservative Primary will advertise the winner of each of our polls within their respective district or state. Second, the members that voted in the Conservative Primary poll will cast their vote (hopefully for the winner of the Conservative Primary poll) in their real primary election. This increases the probability that the true conservative candidates will win their primary elections.

Q. There’s no poll for my district or state. Why?

A. Pre-primary polls are only available in districts that meet specific criteria.

  • The district must have an incumbent with a poor conservative rating who is seeking reelection.
  • The primary must be in a "safe" Republican District where the candidate usually wins by 10% of the vote or more.
  • There must be more than one challenger for the seat.

Without meeting this criteria, there is no reason to hold a pre-primary vote because:

  • Our purpose is to vote out RINOs who can be replaced by true conservatives.
  • We don't want to challenge any Republican that results in a Democrat being elected.
  • Without multiple challengers, there is only one choice for voters who don't like the incumbent.

Q. Why are only Republican candidates shown in the polls?

A. The home of conservatism is the Republican Party, and our goal is to identify conservative candidates from our party only.

Q. How do you define "conservative"?

A. Conservatives are people that believe in personal responsibility, individual rights, and preserving the Constitution. Our values are born from our belief that we were given certain gifts from our Creator, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As conservatives, we believe in the free market and are opposed to a redistribution economy. A conservative believes in small government, but that it also must be able to do its job to protect our values and ideals from those who would try to destroy it.

Q. How do you know the best challenger will win? What if the challenger that wins the conservative primary isn’t conservative?

A. We trust that members of "Conservative Primary" are intelligent voters who will research the candidates in their district and choose accordingly. Our goal is to identify real conservatives without bringing our own bias into the equation. Conservative Primary members ultimately choose the candidate, which means that the "most" conservative candidate may not win the pre-primary vote. In these situations, there may be other factors that come into play, but we trust that our members are all eager to achieve the same goals.