Conservative Primary – True Conservatives Electing True Conservatives

Conservative Primary is your opportunity to support the conservative cause in your district and across the country. We have one goal – helping you identify and elect candidates that represent your values. When you subscribe for only $10 per year, you become a part of a vast network of conservatives all over the country dedicated to taking back the Republican party from moderates with dubious voting records.

Conservative Primary is not a random poll. It is a straw poll that provides voters the opportunity to identify candidates on their ballot and determine who has the best chance of beating the RINO (Republican In Name Only) candidates.

How It Works

When you become a member of Conservative Primary, you join other Republican voters in your district to help determine who the preferred primary candidate will be. You will be able to vote in a "pre-primary" via the website, which will outline where each candidate stands on the issues most important to real conservatives.

When you cast your vote, you agree to enter into a “Gentleman's Agreement” to vote for the winning pre-primary candidate. By doing so, you become part of a vast conservative army in your district, dedicated to electing candidates that share your values.

Even if you live in a district that doesn't meet this criteria, becoming a member of Conservative Primary is still beneficial. Your membership fee will help expand our reach across more congressional districts, into Senate races, and beyond. You will also have access to poll results from every district in the nation. Best of all, by becoming a member, you help promote conservatism across the country by joining an army of RINO hunters just like you.

The "Problem" and the Solution

Conservatives in voting districts all over America face the same dilemma during primary elections. Great conservative candidates end up losing Republican nominations to RINO candidates and incumbents because the vote is diluted among several qualified conservative candidates. Unfortunately, this benefits the incumbent RINO candidates, who are often indistinguishable from moderate Democrats sitting across the aisle.

Conservative Primary works because it empowers conservative voters like you to organize and stand behind a single conservative candidate, concentrating the vote and giving the best candidate a much better position to defeat the RINO incumbent. If you're tired of RINOS sabotaging the efforts of the conservatives within the Republican party, then become a member today and re-establish conservative principles all over our great nation.

Are You Ready to Join Us for a RINO Hunt?

Becoming a member is easy, simply click here, enter your name and address and the website will determine if there is an upcoming election in your district. If you choose to become a member of Conservative Primary, up to half of your $10 annual membership will go toward publicizing the winner of the poll for that district.

Just like you, we are dedicated to the conservative cause and believe that by providing you with pre-primary polling results, you can to make a real difference in districts all over America.


RINO Hunting?

noun, abbreviation
Republican in name only, referring to a member of the Republican Party considered too liberal by conservative members.

NOTE: Conservative Primary does not condone actual violence against politicians, or anyone.